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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: What is yr favorite Clint movie?
Date: Tuesday, January 09, 2018
Time: 4:10:15 AM
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RE: What is yr favorite Clint movie?

I like or love every western that he's been in, although I am a big fan of all westerns, too. Outlaw Josey Wales was on TV tonight and I watched that for the first time in ages, great movie, but totally cut up and ruined on TV. The boob tube does that to good movies, as TV censors just plain out suck. About a week ago I saw one of his movies from the '90s on HBO (I'm getting it for free again!) that I had only seen a part of on TV where he plays a Texas Ranger in the early '60s, called A Perfect World. He's really more a costar in it and he directed the movie, something else he's very good at. But Kevin Costner is the real star of that movie, along with this child actor. Costner plays an escaped prisoner who befriends this boy who was at first kidnapped, and they go on a road trip together running from Eastwood and the law. I always like it when I find a good movie from years ago that I missed, and I miss a lot of good ones that in time I'll finally get to see.

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