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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: One last note on this thread
Date: Monday, January 08, 2018
Time: 3:46:51 AM
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RE: One last note on this thread

All of the flames and anywhere where the flamer's handle came up, have now all been removed. As is one of the few rules here, all flames and their related posts come down asap, including any warning message that I must put up to a flamer, so he knows what the score is as far as he and his flaming goes.

As I predicted, it took SK less than 2 hours to post a reply to my warning note that I gave him, so I now have proof that he did read it. Since 95% of that warning post was for him to read, and again his last reply shows that he did read it, there is no need to keep it up any longer, as it was written mainly for him to read and understand what is about to happen if he harrasses anybody else, or me, again here. 100% of what was posted and then removed in this thread has been saved, and as I noted, copies were sent to 3 Gassers, along with copies to my lawyer. This could now end here if this flamer stays away for good, but if and when he tries to return here and post again, the next move will be to go after the blacklisted server company he's been using to post on and get their records. Again, just because one posts on a server like that means nothing at all. Yes, your real ISP number is hidden online from the public, but so what, the actual ISP number is kept in logs that can legally be sought if a crime has been made, and as much as SK doesn't understand any of that, he committed a crime and his real ISP isn't really hidden at all. But harassing is not legal, and any fool can see what he posted several times, was clearly harassment, as are posts of his from the past, and all of them will be used against him if he doesn't stop this at once, and for good.

One last thing to SK... Other than maybe one person who I don't think actually read half of your spam, nobody else here supports you, if you could only see the emails of support I got in on this (and this took place over the weekend when many aren't even online!). Those emails in themselves show that others could see that you were spamming, harassing, and flaming the board, too, and they are all being kept, too.

Okay, enough on this, and for now this is over with and the thread is closed to anymore comments, as we must move on from this crap, but as usual, emails on this to me are always welcome, other than I have nothing more to say to SK, other than again, you better leave me and this board alone for good if you know what is good for you. To everybody else, thanks for the support you showed me, and now let's move on.

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