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Name: Keno
Subject: Flat out great early Stones boots to hear rightnow
Date: Thursday, January 04, 2018
Time: 2:39:12 PM
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Flat out great early Stones boots to hear rightnow

.... That's what I've been listening to for the last hour or so, over at YouTube, while I work on putting together some of next week's polls. I had wanted to hear the Stones' cover of "Cops And Robbers", after I listed and listened to the Bo Diddley hit cover from '59 for next week's poll choices for the Rock poll, which will be about criminals. The Stones great cover of this cool song, which was recorded live in early '64?, is flat out great and as most of you know, it was never released. The question is, why the hell not!? It's better than Diddley's cover, which by the way, wasn't written by him at all, as that terrible, totally unreliable site Wikipedia claims (I mean they get so much wrong there!). Anyway, the song was written by Kent L. Harris, and that's a fact!

But Rolling Stones Raw Power is what I'm listening to, it's excellent, and if you love the Stones you will love this boot. It starts off with 4 very early live cuts from what I believe is '63 (it states early '64, so maybe) then there a bunch of early studio stuff, and then more live stuff. You must have heard most of this before if you're a hard nosed fan, but maybe not in this order. The thing when listening to this very early stuff, is 2 things: 1) The first 4 live cuts must have been made in front of maybe 20 people in this club, you can tell how few are there at the start and finish of each song. 2) You can hear with your own ears just how far ahead Brian Jones was at this point of Keith Richards in talent. Again, I know for a fact that the credits are incorrect on that page, it states Keith plays all of the lead (other than some by Jimmy Page), but I happen to know these boots well, and most of the lead is being played by Jones, not Richards, plus he plays all of the harp, too (that I've heard so far). Backing vocals are BJ too and not Keith. That's how it was back in the early days. Now of course a live take of TIOMS just came on as I type this out and yes, that one is Keith on the lead guitar for sure. Here's the link to where you can hear this great music: Rolling Stones Raw Power

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