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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Cowboys...nsc..
Date: Tuesday, January 02, 2018
Time: 11:44:24 AM
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RE: RE: Cowboys...nsc..

Gosh, after my Broncos played and totally beat the hell out of Dallas this year, very early in the sason, I and most Denver fans were thinking we would be heading to the SB again - even without a good QB. That's how bad Dallas was! Oh well, that wasn't so and the Broncos were as bad as any other team with no QB. When they won the SB 2 years ago, they didn't really have a great QB either, as Manning was totally out of gas and playing on flumes while Denver had the best D ever seen in the NFL that year, and they are who drove the team to becoming the champs. Manning's experience did help a bit too, as he knew what to do behind center on every play, but his arm was already dead by then and you could see it. If he had been behind center this year, along with his now totally dead arm, they would have still had made the playoffs, again thanks to their D and a guy who knows how to manage the O, but their D was nowhere as good this year as it was 2 (now really 3) seasons ago, so no, they would not have gone anywhere and would had been first round losers more than likely anyway.

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