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Name: gomper
Subject: Is this an "official" release by the Stones?
Date: Thursday, December 07, 2017
Time: 6:57:36 AM
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Is this an "official" release by the Stones?

Some years ago I received the gift of a bottle of Vodka. Can't recall the product name. The bottle is a human skull, glass with a crystal look about it. Very cool. I am no connoisseur of Vodka and would never by premium Vodka, although I know some love it. It was some kind of special release tribute to the Stones by the Vodka's founder Dan Acroyd. It came with a Stones patch, sticker, and a double CD set of live performances. I still have not opened the Vodka after several years! Oh yeah, the box has a faux zipper opening, reminiscent of Sticky Fingers.

Anyway, while looking at it today, I was just s=realizing that the lip and tongue logo is on the back of the CD case and it does look like an official authorized release. Is it?

In any case, there is nothing new to the material. Its all live tracks from the 1990s, not a whole lot of info in each track.

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