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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: Gimme some 'Shelter" I need it
Date: Friday, December 01, 2017
Time: 1:10:07 PM
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Gimme some 'Shelter" I need it

What the hell kind of Autumn has it been? One that demands a fiery post. Whether you're aware of it or not, Gimme Shelter's lyrics reference all kinds of things this year: Hurricane Harvey, N. Korea, Trump, Weinstein, the infernos in California, the mass shooting insanity and has unfortunately been one awfully negative season this latter part of 2017. But I believe sinking into Gimme Shelter on repeat is not wallowing in the muck, but catharsis in the making. I will always turn to music to make sense of life.

That said, I'd like to see Trump and misogyny go away forever, and regarding the latter, I know that being a Stones fan will always open me up to arguments of hypocrisy. But so be it. However, with regard to Trump and the real treatment of women these days--Damn him and damn it all! I got attacked here a couple years ago by former gassers for daring to call out misogyny when it appeared here, and though it is not close to the same experience of the victims who are speaking up now in the news every day, I do feel a little vindicated. The whole culture is wrong, and it takes a lot of brave people to combat it, and if we (men) can seriously adjust the mindset when it comes to females then a lot of other problems will start to be able to be addressed.

The other things I'd like to see go away forever are the fake pathetic arguments supporting guns, religion, and free-market business at all and any cost. The people and lobbyists blindly supporting those things are SOOO good at playing the victim, but they are full of shit.

How many people argue that "the crazy criminals are going to get guns no matter what, so why pass any reasonable laws, and why do anything at all?" A lot. Aside from the fact that that's crap, how many of those same people fully support laws restricting abortion? You know, I could easily argue that: "crazy criminal mothers are going to find a way to get an abortion no matter what, so why should we do anything about it?" "Right!?" Or how many times do you hear "it's not a gun problem, it's a mental health problem." With abortion, I could just as easily respond by saying "it's not an abortion provider problem, it's a mental health problem of crazy pregnant women, so stop going after the poor innocent doctors providing abortions!!" "Abortion doctors don't kill people, crazy misguided mothers do!" But of course, in the end, there SO many more attempts to restrict abortions than to restrict guns.

Religion is no different. There is almost nothing religions of all stripes like more than to preach how much they are victims, attacked and judged by prejudiced non-believers. But they are the ones we all really need freedom from. They are the ones full of prejudice and judgement. They get to brainwash and steal tithes from people and claim tax-exempt status and and butcher male babies with circumcision (which should be illegal!) and rip families apart with shunning should any members decide not to believe---all without much regulation, fairness or repercussions of any kind, all in the name of upstanding faith in god. It's total bullshit.

But so is big-business and the fake free-market, at least as it exists in the U.S. today. There is nothing free or open about our system whatsoever, and big rich corporations want to keep it that way. The amount Apple, and Wall Street, and so many other businesses absolutely rely on the government (yes, the 'big bad government') to protect patents and make sure the riches stay concentrated in the hands of the already rich while unabashedly and publicly fighting against "regulation" of any kind makes me want to vomit and defecate all over them. (Don't worry, I'll control that potentially messy urge) But really, it's just not fair. If the market were truly free, giant corporations would actually have to compete instead of just making backroom deals with corrupt politicians and they wouldn't be able to attack and swallow up anyone who comes along that might threaten their precious profits. Now, I'm not at all in favor of an utterly free market because that would be total chaos and people and lands need protecting, but big-business free-market loudmouths at Fox News and elsewhere who preach "small government" and "no regulations" while they themselves are "regulating" the entire middle and lower classes into the ground with their own methods are big fat hypocrites that need to be stopped.

Okay, that's enough. I'm sorry if that seemed angry and out-of-the-blue, but I am angry (righteously) and posting somewhat out of the blue. Also, I am not always able to control myself. I'm not trying to attack or single out anyone here specifically, but if I did then they no doubt deserved it. :)

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