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Name: gomper
Subject: Trump believes Putin's side of the story.....(NSC)
Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017
Time: 7:58:10 PM
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Trump believes Putin's side of the story.....(NSC)

I just don't get it. And I am not sure if anyone knows for sure what is going on in Trump's head.

Is Trump being played by Putin? Or does he somehow truly believe Putin, who states that Russia did not try and hack the US election? Does Trump actually doubt DOZENS of US intel agencies, countless experts, investigative journalists, fellow republicans, and former Presidents?

If the Russia hack job were somehow a hoax, it would be the biggest hoax in history.

All this stuff was on my mind this weekend when I heard Trump basically say "Putin told me Russia didn't hack the election and I believe he meant it".

Amazingly, just hours later, Trump did say that he sides with US intelligence agencies.

So what really is Trump's position here? Why can't he just accept, and hold to, the truth?

One former US intelligence official re-asserted an idea that was discussed some months ago, which is that the Russians may very well have something on Trump: bad business dealings, a particularly vulgar sex tape, or maybe something else.

Whatever is happening with Trump's position on this matter and where that position comes from... all we know is that this is in no way normal. What he says on this subject does not reflect reality and Trump himself is either mentally ill or he himself has some reason want the Russians to not be upset.

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