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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: : RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Christmas present
Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2017
Time: 12:47:59 AM
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RE: : RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Christmas present

I can think of only one that you missed, there were those 2 shows put on the same day, one in the UK and one in the U.S., and although the Stones didn't play as a band, Ron and Keith played with Dylan while Mick played with... was it Bowie? But that's it, 4 benefit shows in all of these years?

I recall when MJ was honored and named "Sir Mick" in the UK, and those who opposed it used the fact that he gave so little of his money away to charity as a reason why he didn't deserve the title. So his lack of giving away his money is well known by many.

But dude, a millionaire (or anybody) paying to support their kids, wives and girlfriends, doesn't count towards what we are talking about, that isn't charity, it's your family.

Plus do you know how little they pay their crew and extra singers compared to what they are making when the play live? Their last tour grossed the band after everybody was paid, more than half a billion dollars! That's "billion", and not million! I don't think many realize that. Plus IMO, they don't need all of those extra singers and musicians up there playing and backing them up. They never did that in the '60s and early '70s, so why do it now? Do we go to shows and pay high tickets prices because we want to see the backing musicians or singers? Maybe you do, but I sure don't. Keith and Ron can sing the backups, just like they do in the studio and used to do in the early days when Keith, Brian, and even Bill, sang the backups live. Or has Keith and Ron lost their voices and can't sing anymore in their old age? Mick cleary can't run around anymore like he used to do, but again, he's in his 70s today. But would you pay top dollar to go see 70 plus year old football or baseball players play ball in their 70s? Yes I know what some of you are thinking, this isn't a sport, but it is all entertainment and yes, musicians and singers are able to last longer, and while that is true, again, the output you get today is nowhere near the high quality it was when they put on a show at 25, or 35, either, so must they still charge us top dollar when they aren't or can't play top quality anymore?

The shows are always sold out so why would they lower prices?

That is my point, they are making so much money and always sell out, and have more money then they will ever need even if they lived another 100 full lives and didn't ever earn another dime. So why not make the tickets cheaper now for their loving fans who have been supporting them for 55 years now? Most of their fans aren't rich and could use a break in paying for high ticket prices. If us fans weren't always there for them, they would not have any of that money in the first place! You say that the Stones earned the right to charge high ticket prices, but how did they get there - it all took place thanks to their fans, and many or most can't afford their high prices today to go see them, so why not lower the prices and help out the fans who have always supported them?

Too bad none of you realize that there is nothing wrong with socialism and sharing things, especially when you have so much and others have little. That is, IMO what is wrong with the world today, only having a lot of money counts and the hell with those who can't feed their kids. I see nothing wrong asking a person who makes $5 to $10 million a year, or who is worth $305 million dollars (as Mick is worth), to pay more to help those who make a ton less, or at the least, give millions of it away to charities to help others. Why would that be a bad thing? Hell, Mick would still be just as powerful if he did that! But if Mick died tomorrow from old age, that $305 million he has will mean nothing at all to him anymore, as he won't need a dime for where he is heading to next, regardless if there is or isn't a afterlife.

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