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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: : New York terror attack
Date: Saturday, November 04, 2017
Time: 2:00:43 AM
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RE: : New York terror attack

You are correct Fatmo, there are some ME countries that he doesn't wish to ban. Of course there is a evil reason behind why he doesn't want them banned - since he does direct personal business with all of them, he will lose money if he doesn't allow them into the U.S. The country where all the 9-11 terrorists were from aren't on the list! So how the hell is he gonna save us from them if he allows them in? You can't let some of them in who you do business with and not allow others in because they come from a country that is poor and you have no personal business with. But that is what asshole is proposing. How can anybody support that after they actually look into his plan? It won't work!

Trump is pure evil indeed. Beside that, his travel ban will flat out not work, as there are Muslims who live here who will do the work even if he banned all Muslims from every place on the planet (which again isn't his plan).

Plus I have to point out one other reason the travel ban won't work. They don't have to even be in the U.S. to cause terror and death to us. All they need is to be on a plane heading to or flying over Canada, Mexico, or anywhere in Central America, etc, and hijack the plane and fly it into the U.S. and use it as a bomb wherever they please. Gee, didn't they already do that, like more than once?

There is only way way to end this problem. That is, we got to stop fighting them, and then they will stop being at war with us and leave us alone.

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