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Name: gomper
Subject: RE: Will the Weinstein Hollywood controversy...
Date: Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Time: 7:39:33 AM
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RE: Will the Weinstein Hollywood controversy...

It might. Don't be surprised if we do see some cases here. There is a lot of cross over between the music business and Hollywood. If actors (male and female) are motivated to come out against various Hollywood men who have abused them, then surely some people in music will be emboldened do the same. Rock 'N' Roll of the 60s and 70s is heavily make dominated. But there are women too, both as lead artists and working in the business. There have also been a lot of very young people working in the music business. I would not doubt if there are a few "Harvey Weinsteins" in the music world.

Across the whole world of entertainment, I am sure there are countless people shaking in their boots, knowing they have committed these acts and just waiting now for people to come forward and for the story to be the headline in Variety or on Entertainment Tonight. There are also many other men and women who stood by, saw this stuff, and did not act.

This is far from over.

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