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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Waiting on a Friend video/Beggars/Bang/More...
Date: Monday, October 09, 2017
Time: 11:39:22 AM
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RE: Waiting on a Friend video/Beggars/Bang/More...

My picks:

Stones 1: A pure 10 all the way! This is one of my all time favorite Stones videos. They just come off as being all so happy and cool in the clip!

Stones 2: BB. Not to many Stones LPs better than this one. I can think of just 2.

Rock 1: The other MJ, and I already know he will be my pick in round 4, too. I mean, he was always ok in my book to hear sing, but he was never a favorite of mine, either. But what he did solo is pretty much more than any other solo artist ever did, other than maybe Elvis, but Elvis wasn't in a band before he went solo, so he isn't an option to choose from in this 4 part poll sercis.

Rock 2: How can anybody vote against Janis in this one? Big Mamma wrote a great song and sang it well enough, no question, but it was Janis who placed the song on the map, and damn did she do that! It was said that poor Big Mamma never got over seeing Elvis take away her only #1 hit when he released his cover of "Hound Dog", a year after her version went to #1 for 7 weeks. But she didn't feel that way about Janis' cover of this song. Heck, her original never would have been released if not for Janis' cover becoming such a hit. But it was sad that she never made a dime off the song becoming a hit, too, since by the time it was released, she had sold the rights to it.

Beatles: Very close for me but I'll go with MMT by a hair.

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