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Name: manny in ny
Subject: RE: RE: The bills,,,nsc
Date: Tuesday, October 03, 2017
Time: 5:55:43 AM
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RE: RE: The bills,,,nsc

Hi keno congrats on denver beating a tough raiders bunch.Yes the bills have the longest non playoff streak of all 32 n f l teams.Its been 18 seasons since the bills last reached the postseason.Im not sure how many fast starts they have had in recent years like this one,as the years are blurring together for me in my old age but whenever they start like this they usually lose 8 or ten straight?Im not optimistic about the bills because despite their fast start they had to cut or not resign several solid players due to salary cap restrictions.Guys like chris gragg,corbin bryant,preston brown,robert woods,marquis goodwin,sammy waykins,mike gillislee are gone and we could use every one of them this year.The bills starters are ok but there is no bench which becomes real important as the season gets long and injuries mount.The bills lost two starters with broken bones in the atlanta game.But we did beat two excellent football teams the last two weeks so fans are alittle excited but in a guarded way lol.As for tom brady i think hes still the best qb in the game and the pats offense is dangerious but thier defense looks very weak? And thats shocking for a belichek coached team!!!!

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