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Name: Naker2005
Subject: RE: RE: Sticky Fingers Live 2015
Date: Monday, October 02, 2017
Time: 8:59:49 PM
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RE: RE: Sticky Fingers Live 2015

Blown away by this release...

I already had the iTunes album, so I knew they played a great show, with Mick actually singing rather than sing-songs speaking thing heís been doing since the Bridges to Babylon Tour, but

I digress...

The Rolling Stones in a small club, that is the way to see this band...with their extensive catalog of material...a small club with deep rare cuts would be a dream show.

This BlueRay once again proves this the Recently released Totally Stripped Deluxe Edition.

They are after all a juke-joint band at heart.

Now the release, the show on BlueRay has band interviews spliced between some songs...some my prefer this was left off in an extras menu, I could take them or leave them...the interviews themselves are on topic to the songs and provide some insight into what their thinking on stage.

Now on to the songs

The cuts that donít get played in the arenas and stadiums really shine bright on this one.

When the Whip Comes Down...a smoking version

Sway...some blaring guitar work by Keith and Ronnie...better than the 2005 versions

Sister Morphine...a dark classic...great groove and Ronnieís playing is excellent

You Gotta Move...brooding and bluesy...Keith on the 12 string.

Bitch...well on Sticky Fingers, like Exile the studio versions are perfection and always sound thin or less than when played live...this is a good version of the song, but the Studio Version will always trump any love version in my humble opinion.

Canít You Hear Me Knocking...nice sax work in extended jam and Ronnie played a pretty true lead.

I Got the Blues...worth the price of the entire release...powerfully restrained.

Moonlight Mile...Mickís song of longing for his love while separated by distance...over Mick Taylorís co-opting a Keith fragment and turning it into audio magic. Once again no live version will ever eclipse the studio cut...but this one comes close, some some 44 years after it was released.

Overall this is a highly enjoyable and fun release for fans, like myself who have loved this band for decades (since the 70s for me)...and who else is buying these Vault releases anyway?

Very happy with this and the Totally Stripped Deluxe Editions.

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