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Name: Human Riff
Subject: witnessed my first heroin OD
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Time: 10:47:20 AM
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witnessed my first heroin OD

left me a little shaken. I hang out way too much at the local McDonalds. In my defense, there really ain't a whole lot to do in my neighborhood and I'm trying to stay out of bars. Neat crowd I hang out with too. Got people from every race and age demographic.

We talk about everything and I gotta say I really enjoy all the banter. Especially the stories from all the old timers. Anyway, a new face shows up. He's only been around two weeks or so. Quiet, white guy. About mid 30's I guess.

So I'm sitting around with a bunch of the old timers and we're discussing Florida. After a while, the new face chimes in a contribution and states "I just moved here from there. Can't recall the rest of conversations but I started to say Hi and goodbyes to the new face. Last night, I'm holding court at Mickey D's, sponging their internet, and in comes new face. We give each the obligatory guy nod and he sits across the restaurant from me.

I spy out my window a traffic stop. Dunno what the driver did or was wanted for, but soon he was cuffed and I kid you not, six police cars from different boroughs arrive. During all this excitement I glance over at new face and notice he is just sprawled out across the bench of his booth. I first thought he was trying to plug his phone in or something but quickly realized something was amiss.

So I go over to him. Shake him. Nothing. His skin color was all wrong too. Now I'm attracting a lot of watchers but no one moves. I call 911. I'm feeling so fucking helpless. Fortunately the cops are still right across the street. 2 of them coming sprinting across the street, kits in hand. They pull the guy to the floor, on his back and shoot (what's the name of that ?cain stuff?) up his nose, took two doses, a lot of face slapping but they brought him back just as the ambulance arrived. Good job cops!!

Next morning New face (I learned his name is Mike, same as me) comes in to McD's looking for his phone! I was like "Dude you ok? How you feeling?" He answers sheepishly "ok..much better. Anybody find a phone?" "Naw man" I answer."Paramedics took everything." "oh o.k, Thanks" Is his response. "I'll check with them."

And then he just fucking leaves! I almost chased after him to say something along the lines of " You could've died last night!"

But sadly I guess he already knows that. And I pretty sure if the cops were not so close by, He would have.

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