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Name: Keith Richards' Liver
Subject: RE: RE: Live Hamburg - the entire show-
Date: Monday, September 11, 2017
Time: 8:54:33 PM
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RE: RE: Live Hamburg - the entire show-

COOL link...THANKS Keno!

I don't hear (or see) "Heartbreaker" either. What I DO see is a rather lethargic performance by Mick (I don't even think he did anything but walk around the stage until "Midnight Rambler" and that was for a very short time). I'm glad the lads are still touring but, IMO, I'd hope to see more "performing" from Mick. Ronnie seemed to have more energy that anyone...and did some great playing. Another positive thing is that Keith looks like he's started paying more attention to his playing than to giving his "rock star" poses (although his lead on SFTD left a LOT to be desired). All in all, it looked like a decent show but, the sake of the fans, I hope the boys turn it up a notch.

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