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Name: gomper
Subject: Deluxe editions with meaningful new content?
Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017
Time: 8:28:19 PM
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Deluxe editions with meaningful new content?

Okay, I know I have harped on this one before. But I do get a bit tired of "re-releases", "deluxe editions" etc etc of great old classic albums.

It seems nowadays that EVERY classic album is getting this treatment. Pink Floyd has had "experience editions" of their albums, Led Zeppelin did all deluxe versions of their albums, and the Stones have done it too. The Who also have done this.

So I am wondering... what are the re-releases of great albums -

Stones or other bands -- with added content that you have found to be truly worth it?

Personally, I found Led Zeppelin's reissues to be kind of pointless, and I do like Zeppelin a lot.

The Stones might actually be my winner here. The re-issue of Exile did have a some really good new material. Following The River is moving and beautiful.

I just find most of these reissues to be, in a word I used earlier, a "gimmick"

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