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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Bronco football talk...nsc
Date: Saturday, September 09, 2017
Time: 10:29:32 AM
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RE: RE: Bronco football talk...nsc

Just a note to those who are non-Coloradans, which is most of you, and nonnative Coloradans, including myself (I moved here 40 years ago from NY)..... JJ is a very rare Colorado bird indeed. Unlike most states that have NFL football teams and where at least some fans who live there aren't fans of the home team and instead root for teams elsewhere, that is usually not the case at all here in Colorado. My guess is that when I say that 99.5% of locals living in Colorado love the Broncos, I mean that, and maybe I'm off 0.5% on that. JJ is a very rare case indeed! But heck, he voted for Trump too, and our state, which is blue (other than the eastern Great Plains which is solid red), kicked Trump in the ass and voted against him (as what was expected).

As far as NE goes, I actually used to like them a lot years ago, but I could only take so much of the cheating that they did and that got old fast - and it's been proven that they cheat - and the only time the Broncos ever cheated was during the short time that they hired that loser coach from NE, Josh McDaniels, who came in and took over for less than 2 seasons, since cheating is how his old and current organization operates under Billy boy and that guy knew no other way to coach.

Anybody who remembers me from many ears ago back when we used to have the football pool here for many years, knows that I hated Peyton Manning before he joined the Broncos. I did realized that he actually was a good guy once he joined the team, yet I totally agree with JJ that he was washed up by the time he got here and it was the greatest D ever in the NFL that got the SB win that year. They got another team this year a lot like what they had back then, the D is strong again, and this year they got a even better offence than they did with Payton - other than one major exception - they still have no QB! Even washed up old Peyton would be better than who is starting this year, while they now again have the same do nothing backup QB who they had back in the short lived Manning days. Bringing back Osweiler was a mistake, I was overjoyed when he left and Houston signed him 2 years ago and I predicted here that he would be a total failure as a starter, and of course he was, then this year the worst team in the NFL cuts him and yet Elway picks him up?? They should have signed Colin Kaepecnick instead if they wanted a good and available vet player, and Elway said he had no problem with Kaepecnick not standing for the National Anthem, and Kaepecnick is light years better a QB than both Trevor Siemian and Osweiler..... or Paxton Lynch for that matter, who looks like he's gonna be a bust pick, one of those guys who played great in the minors but couldn't cut it in the bigs. Only thing still going for Lynch is he is still young and maybe just maybe time will be kind to him, but so far I see a guy who can scramble great but who has nothing more to offer. I hope I'm wrong on him.

In closing I totally agree with JJ about Talib (although I would used a different word that means the same thing, he's a bully) - if any guy should be playing for Oakland, it is he indeed!

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