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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: How good is Bruce Springsteen?
Date: Saturday, September 02, 2017
Time: 2:49:48 AM
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RE: How good is Bruce Springsteen?

He was always just another okay artist to me. But my late best friend Mark loved him before he made it big. He would play Springsteen all the time back then and say to me something along the lines of "He's gonna be real big one day", and I would laugh at him... but sure enough, a few years later Springsteen was a giant, just like my buddy predicted. Yet I still don't see the light on him to this day, he's just average and okay in my book.

The very last time I saw my friend - on a trip back to NY, it was in the late fall and too cold a day to be riding a motorcycle, but Mark jumped on his bike, wished me a safe trip back to Colorado, as I was heading out the next morning; he started up his bike, and of course Springsteen was barring from his speakers as he drove off into the sunset. He would be gone in a couple of months after that, but I always think of him now whenever I hear a Springsteen song on the radio, or read something like this.

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