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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Perseids tonight and tommorrow NSC
Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017
Time: 5:11:06 AM
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RE: Perseids tonight and tommorrow NSC

The near full moon is getting in the way of the show, as was expected. There is actually 2 different meteor showers going on for the next few nights, the Perseids, which is usually the best show of the summer, and the Delta Aquarids are still in the sky, too, but the moon is ruining it. I only saw 2 shooting stars tonight, and the skies where I lived are as dark as they can be anywhere, but not tonight are they.

The total eclipse of the sun that is coming up, will be the first one in about 100 years where almost the entire country - the U.S. that is, will get it see such an event at the same time. But of course it isn't the first one in 100 years, that just depends on where you live. I recall seeing a total eclipse in NY around the early '70s, and it was very cool indeed. I also recall another one here in Colorado several years ago, so they do happen every so often, just not where the entire country will be at or near total from one event like this upcoming one. The middle of the U.S. will be the best place to be for this one, and where I'm at it will be at 88%. The map below shows the best places to be for it:

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