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Name: Keno
Subject: Ronnie on his lung cancer, sobriety, and his art
Date: Sunday, August 06, 2017
Time: 4:29:12 AM
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Ronnie on his lung cancer, sobriety, and his art

I usually stay away from the computer on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, other than I always check my emails by using my phone to do so. This just came in to me tonight and instead of posting this on Sunday night, I felt fans would want to see it asap... so here it is:

As Stones fans, we always hope the best for the Stones and their health as they enter old age. We've also known that Ron Wood hasn't been in the best of health, since he's the only one of the current Stones who's totally open about his health problems (which all older people have but don't usually reveal to others), as he enters the twilight of his years.

Ronnie talks about his lung cancer, surgery and treatment, a bit about his family, and then he talks about his new book and his art. One thing I think most fans love about Ronnie is that he's always been an open and honest guy about just who he is, and Stones fans won't want to miss this interview, and of course, we all wish him the best: My lung cancer horror, by Ronnie Wood

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