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Name: Keno
Subject: News on the new Stones LP... and more
Date: Monday, July 10, 2017
Time: 12:28:44 PM
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News on the new Stones LP... and more

So here is the good and bad news coming from inside the Stones camp from 2 different sources....

First the good news.... Yes, it's true, the band has been in the studio for awhile now recording a new LP! The new Stones LP will come out when the tour starts up, before the end of this year.... Somebody please do the math to solve this question: When was the last time the Stones put out 2 brand new studio albums just a year apart? 1966?

Now what I would call bad news.... Mick Jagger is also coming out with a new solo L.P. (it's already finished) in about three weeks... I had heard this weeks ago and was hoping it wasn't true. From what I understand, some of the songs on his new solo LP were suppose to be used on the Stones last album before they did a cover LP instead. So now we will have some more great Stones songs that will never be, while he releases yet another solo LP with songs that will be forgotten and that most fans don't want to hear, or buy. Yet I know some of you will look at this as a good thing.

Some more good news.... Yet another new CD release is in the work... I did report this before, it's of BBC Radio shows from the 1960's. Also another DVD is being worked on, a documentary from 1963 - till 1969, with interviews, news reports and some other rare clips that have never seen or bootlegged. I think we all can look forward to that!

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