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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Keiths Quotes
Date: Thursday, July 06, 2017
Time: 12:48:44 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Keiths Quotes

Richards certainly looks like he did at the time of his mothers death, with the little moustache and all.

Last night I didn't bother to go to that site you linked to since I know what I saw and heard by Keith about not going to his mother's funeral, so it didn't matter to me. The last thing I wanted to see was to find out that Keith lied yet again. But, your comment above about a "little moustache" got me to look today because of what I saw last week. What I saw, was I reading an article about Keith attending Anita's funeral and there was this photo of him and his daughter at Anita's funeral and Keith not only had a little mustache, but I noticed that his hair was now dyed black. I thought to myself after seeing that, the one thing he has always been honest about is his looks, since he doesn't dye his hair like Mick and Ronnie does, and yet now in his mid 70s he is starting to? BUT... that photo I saw last week is the same exact one shown in this article showing him at his mother's funeral! So since that article is suppose to be from back when his mother died, the copy I saw of it couldn't have been from last week! They also showed a second photo of him at Anita's funeral with several people around him and again, his hair is black! So who knows for sure where theses photos are coming from!

I would say that looking at those photos that claim they are taken at his mother's funeral, then he must have been there. Yet I know what I saw and what he said in that interview - however, since it was a long time ago, could I have gotten exactly what he said confused? The question came up when the interviewer ask him why he didn't go to Brian's funeral. His answer was something like - I can't recall it word for word but he said something very close to this: 'I didn't go to Brian's funeral because I just don't got to funnels, I didn't go to my own mother's funnel'. He then explained that he even talked to his mother before her funnel and said that she was okay with his not attending and then he quoted exactly what his mother said to him about his not wanting to go.. That's how the interview went, but what he said just might had have been made/said before his mother died? In other words, the interview might have been conducted before her death - and he was talking about not planning to attend it and then changed his mind later after she died. I was thinking that when I saw that interview, that he was talking about his mother there after she was gone, but that doesn't mean that it is so, it could have been made before she died and again, he changed his mind and attended. I just did a Google search to see if I could find this interview online, but can't find it. I know what he stated, but when did he state it is the question that I now don't know for sure? He either lied there, or was speaking about the future at the time.

I also can't totally remember when I saw that interview last. But I might have watched it last with Gasser Maxmiester and his late wife Debbie, come to think of it, since I believe that was the last time I watched many of the special vids that my friend James sent me, and most of them were sent around the time I moved into this house in 2002. But some were sent around the time I wrote my book, too (around '08, '09), so I can't be sure. but that one night the 3 of us watched several of those cool videos, so there's a good chance we saw that one, too. But I got so many of those videos, I can't be sure if we saw that one that night or not since we didn't watch all of them. But gosh, Debbie's been gone for a few years now, too, so I'm guessing it had to be at least 10 years ago when the 2 of them were here (I'm real bad with dates), and that is around when Doris (Keith's mum) died. If Max is reading this I'm sure he would, well might, remember if we watched that video or not. But now that I'm thinking about it, I also watched some of those videos with another Gasser, Kali's Tongue (aka Ladybear), so it might have been with her when I saw it. Or I could have just seen it alone, or with my late wife Sue for that matter. I do recall the last time I tried to watch some of those tapes were with yet another Gasser, Undercover. He was here in the last 5 years or so, but that night was the night I found out that my old VCR wasn't working any longer, and it hasn't worked since. So I can no longer view those great - and in some cases very rare films I have, but at least I did share them with several Gassers, including a couple who I didn't name here. Some great rare stuff I got, including one old interview I got that has Keith talking about how he could care less if his fans bootleg the Stones music! That one had to be either from the mid to late '70s, or early '80s at the most. Also got the original uncut and unaltered Rock n Roll Circus that is totally 100% unedited and shows a lot of stuff that never made it to the released version - and yes, it includes the original music from the show that you don't get to hear all of in the released edited version where extra, unneeded studio guitars were added in when the Stones played. You can actually, very clearly, hear Brian's guitar playing on YCAGWYW (his guitar is muted out in the released film), and as I have noted, and the few Gassers who saw this with me heard, Brian's' guitar playing that night was fine and never should have been cut out like they did. It proved to me that Keith were totally lying and covering up lies about his not being able to play guitar anymore live or in the studio after 1967. Of course we all knew that was a lie by '71, after the movie One Plus One came out and it showed Brian playing his guitar in the studio for the song SFTD. Why did Keith lie that time around 1970 and say that shit when he knew there was at least 3 different unreleased films made of Brian playing his guitar either live (at that concert in the UK in May of '68; the Circus film, and that movie I just noted). Maybe he figured none of them would ever be released? Or maybe he was too stoned to recall any of that happening? Or was he just stating a lie for no good reason? But it's crap like that which makes me not believe what he claims when he tells stories today. I mean, he still claims to this day and he repeated again when he wrote in his autobiography that he saw Muddy Waters painting the ceiling at Chess records in Chicago in 1964 - even after Muddy flat out said it wasn't true and never happened! Or do you Keithholics think Muddy was the one lying there? Yeah, I guess those fans still believe that Muddy really was being paid to paint the ceiling, because to them, Keith never lies, Ronnie!

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