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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: B&L/B&B/IORR/TSMR/Billy Preston/lots more!
Date: Tuesday, July 04, 2017
Time: 2:59:33 AM
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RE: B&L/B&B/IORR/TSMR/Billy Preston/lots more!

Almost every time I've asked this kind of question, the voting has been real close - other than so far this week. Is it because I changed how the question is worded a bit? Had I worded last week's question like this week, would the vote been so close? I don't know, but when you indicate that somebody got something wrong, as I did this week in the question, some won't vote for that choice for that reason alone. Yet I still voted for "Run, Run, Run!" since to me it sounds better as a title!

The rest of my picks were: Stones 1 - B&L by a mile, Stones 2 -= IORR, Rock 1 - how do you vote against "Get Back"? Yet I love how Billy made his organ on "Saint of Me" sound religious and church like, something he was great at doing and also did on "Let it be" and on the Ray Charles song "Here We Go Again", which was both one of Billy's and Ray's last recorded songs each, as they both were dying when they made the song and both would be gone within a year of each other and shortly after the song was made.... Finally, for the Fabs poll, I went with Ringo's lead on "Act Naturally", which is a great little number!

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