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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Sitar
Date: Tuesday, July 04, 2017
Time: 2:42:14 AM
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RE: Sitar

It was equally important on both! In one way George's sitar was more important since it was the first time a sitar was used not just in rock music, but really in any kind of western music. But then again, with Brian's use of the instrument, he totally changed what the sitar meant and how it would be used in any kind of music - he actually made it an instrument that could be played and sound great in a hard rock song!

I recall an interview from about maybe 5 years ago, after Ravi Shankar died and his son noted that after his father first heard how George Harrison played the sitar in "Norwegian Wood", that he actually first got upset when he heard it and felt the instruments shouldn't be played in such a way or with such music. Can you imagine how he felt after he heard how Brian made it into a almost heavy metal instrument?! Yet in a short time Shankar changed his mind and realized he was wrong and that these rockers were only helping to make the instrument more popular, and that it should be used and played in different ways, and he then became close friends and a mentor to Harrison after that.

Shortly after that, since the sitar was so hard to play and only a handful of western musicians knew how to play and master the instrument, the electric sitar guitar was invented/made for the first time, since the sound was so much in demand, yet few could play it. The new sitar guitar was played almost exactly like a guitar - so any guitarist could play it, but it sounded like a sitar, and from the late '60s into the the early '70s it was used and heard a lot. After that, not too much, and today it's rarely used anymore. The real deal sitar is still used once in a while on rock songs today, but you still got the same deal with few rockers who know how to play it. It's said to be one of the hardest instruments to learn to to play and master.

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