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Name: gunner
Subject: RE: RE: The Golden Six
Date: Friday, May 19, 2017
Time: 9:19:23 PM
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RE: RE: The Golden Six

Wish to emphasize my list was based on objectivity, not who I like the best. I like The Who better than several artists on that list, but I don't feel they had the same influence.

I agree with you BJ regarding the first couple of Zeppelin albums and the bullshit about them not giving proper credit to the blues artists (they are my least favorite LZ records anyway), but I cannot disagree with you more about what followed. Led Zep III was when they came into their own. It was their first time off the road where they could actually write in a peaceful state. They are the most commercially successful rock band in history if you consider The Beatles a pop band as I do. They have sold more records than the Stones despite releasing about one fourth (or less) of the albums that the Stones have. By definition, that means that a band is not shit. You can't sell that many records since 1969 and have the legendary status that they do if you are shit. If the music is not your preference, that's fine, but it's not shit.

Not trying to start a Stones vs. LZ argument here. I love both bands, and the Stones have the larger influence because rock n' roll came before hard rock. LZ recorded tons of hard rock after the first couple of LP's. See "Achilles Last Stand" which is as hard as it gets.

it's like when people view Sabbath as shit. Sabbath influenced too many players and groups to be shit. Shit is Britney Spears and the Village People. People who came and went, have no lasting value, and cared very little about what they did except to get famous and rich. The "shave and go home" crowd, as Keith likes to call them.

As a music lover I realized early on that I didn't have to like an artist to respect their accomplishments, influence and artistic focus. It's like my relationship with Dylan. I literally cannot stand his voice. If "Like A Rolling Stone" comes on the radio I switch the dial. If it's the Stones version, I raise the volume! Doesn't mean I won't acknowledge his greatness. Even Marvin Gaye said he couldn't have written "What's Going On" without Bob coming before him.

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