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Name: gunner
Subject: The Golden Six
Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017
Time: 2:52:07 PM
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The Golden Six

1) Chuck Berry - No Chuck Berry, no rock n' roll. He invented the music as we know it.

2) Beatles - the greatest pop group of all time. Played around with rock n' roll, so I mention them here, but mainly a pop group

3) Stones - greatest pure rock n' roll band ever.

4) Led Zeppelin - greatest HARD ROCK band of all time. I repeat: HARD ROCK. 1/3 of their tunes were acoustic.

5) Black Sabbath - the greatest heavy metal band of all time, and perhaps the only band on this list to truly create an entire genre of music with just one song: the song "Black Sabbath" itself. There was nothing like this band in 1970. The music sounded downright evil. You can hate heavy metal all you want, but no form of music has a more loyal fan base in the millions. No Sabbath and there is no Maiden, no Priest, no Metallica, no Megadeath, no Slayer, no Slipknot...none of these bands. Sabbath started it all.

6) Bob Dylan - the greatest singer songwriter of all time. redefined what you could write about in a song.

I think what we know as rock music sprung from these six artists.

**SPECIAL AWARD** - The Who = might be the most complete rock n' roll band ever. If you want concept records of the highest artistic quality, you have it here. If you want hotel room destruction, drug use and in band fighting at its best, you have it here. If you want a band that could blow just about any other band off the stage you have it here. The Who just seemed to have something that every other band didn't. Still don't think they make the top 6, but they deserve honorable mention.

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