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Name: Keno
Subject: Gasland board news... important!
Date: Sunday, May 14, 2017
Time: 7:17:44 PM
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Gasland board news... important!

Two things to cover here..... First thing is only for new Gassers signing up (it can be skipped by current Gassers), but the second thing is for all Gassers and talks about the new passwords that are coming to the board, so it's important that all of you Gassers read it.

First, and this is getting old with this problem with the board's registration form. Remember it was down for months, and nobody new could sign up? Well the damn form is down again since it's messing up again. It hasn't been working right since it was suppose to be fixed and I didn't realize it. So if you signed up for a password and didn't hear back from me, I never got your info.

I'm hoping it will be back up and running correctly for good sometime by Monday afternoon. None of the other forms on the domain, like the album review forms, are affected, they are all working fine, it's just the sign up form for Gasland that is not working. Again, I should have noticed this sooner but didn't, so I'm very sorry about that, and if you sent in for a new password and got no reply from me, that's why, and again, I'm sorry about that.

Next up affects everybody who posts.... It's about the new password system we've been working on. I'm hoping to have it ready to go this Thursday, so keep an eye out for that day, as you won't be able to post anymore using your old password when the new password system is up. I will make a post when this takes place, and many will also get an email from me about this. Most current Gassers will, as long as I got your current email addresses on file. If I don't, you need to write me an email before Thursday with your new email info. Everybody will also need to use the Gasland form to get their new passwords (so it better be fixed by then!), since the new password will be connected to your username and email address, unlike it is now. But no, you still won't have to show your email address to all reading your post unless you want to, that won't change.

But this is all a major new setup for posting, so be ready for it!

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