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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: alice coopers old band...nsc
Date: Monday, May 08, 2017
Time: 12:39:34 AM
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RE: alice coopers old band...nsc

I know keno often praises the guys who played behind cooper in the 1970s as a great band.

Woo... The guys in the band that was called "Alice Cooper", did not ever play behind the singer of the same name. Those other 4 guys were all equals in the band with the singer, who after they made it big, changed his name to the band's name, but it was never at any time his band nor was he ever the leader of the band.

Alice as the lead singer was the frontman, yes, but if you had to pick the real leader of that group, it was rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Michael Bruce, who wrote 90% of all of the songs and in the very early days was the co-lead singer.

The bass player who manny writes about, Dennis Dunaway, was indeed a very good bassist, as was every musician in the band. The other 2 guys in the group were lead guitarist Glen Buxton, who was a Keith Richards freak but took after Brian Jones when it came to all the different pretty women he had, but sadly, he drank like his idol, but unlike Keith, his body and liver couldn't handle it and he died from his drinking in 1997. But man could he play a great guitar riff! Then drummer Neil Smith had the largest drum kit in rock music and boy did he know how to play it.

Yes, this band was way ahead of their time and wore many shoes, they were one of the very first punk bands (but unlike most punk bands to come who all looked up to them, they could play their instruments). Then they were also one of the first metal bands, too, and the very first Goth band for that matter, years before there was Goth music. But yet they would at the same time play lot's of mellow Classic Rock songs, too. They were my third favorite band after the Stones and Beatles, and they still are today. Solo Alice is nothing like the band was, but most Stones fans who love the Stones music from the late '60s till the early '70s, should dig this band too. Their 3 best LPs are: Love it To Death, Billion Dollar Babies, and Killer. I highly recommend all 3 of them!

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