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Name: It's just a shot away
Subject: RE: RE: MT writing credits/ Royalties
Date: Tuesday, May 02, 2017
Time: 12:05:21 PM
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RE: RE: MT writing credits/ Royalties

It's kinda strange in that we lose Brian Jones to being pushed out tragically and then so distraught more than likely gets murdered by his handy man drowning him. That is a disgrace as far as I'm concerned. Did nobody give a rats ass about Brian Jones welfare showing the state of condition he fell to. He was a fucking bandmate of the RSs. You would think the band knowing how depressed he was would take turns keeping an eye on him. Look at what he did for the band HE GOT TOGETHER! Just upsets me. He was so talented and could master any instrument that was put in front of him. After Mick/Kieth started writing the songs, Brian Jones had served his purpose. Just throw the bloke away and in many ways he was just as important as MT was a couple years later.

We all know what happened to MT though not near as awful as Brians fate. Fickle to me. Through it all just like life, the strong survive while the weak perish or are disregarded. Brians outcome after he was "let go" is extremely disturbing. They hold a huge concert for his death yet no band mate checked to make sure he was ok? Hmmm. And forward we march, never looking back.

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