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Name: Keno
Subject: New password update
Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Time: 4:46:35 PM
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New password update

I've gotten a few emails in the last 2 weeks including 2 in the last day about when and if a new password system is still coming to the Land of Gas or not. The answer is yes. I only in the last day worked out most of the final details as to how it will work and who will need a new password and who won't. There was a lot of stuff to first figure out on this. Like should I build and implemented this new system myself, which would cost me nothing but my own time to do, or, I could hire a firm that will do the work, and while this would be a very expensive route to go, it would come with the highest of security to it, and that's what's most important and why a new password system is needed in the first place.

So I decided to go that route and be safe and not be sorry a few months on down the line when the system might fail. After all, the life of this board depends on this new password system working correctly and making it impossible for a flamer to ever flame again once banned.

So I decided to get this job done the right, expensive way. Plus yes, everybody will need a new password once the work is done, and unlike now, you will be able to make up your very own password instead of me issuing you one. You will also have to use your handle and password together to post, in other words, your new password will only work with your handle and no other handle - period. If you even by accident type in your handle wrong, you won't be able to post.

This new system will also lighten my load of work that I usually do when somebody new signs up, too. I won't have to check half of the things that I have to check now, so I look forward to this being the new thing here in Gasland.

When will this happen? Real soon, I just don't have a date yet. Our most loyal posters will get the first crack at this, as should be the case. One thing that will change is that although once a person has a handle, they will never lose it nor will another be able to ever use it, but, old handles from the past will no longer be off limits to new posters who request them. So if you are a former Gasser who today is only a lurker - but you prefer that nobody else uses your old handle since you used it here for so many years, then to keep it as yours still, you will need to sign up for a new password with that handle so nobody else can use it but you, even if you never plan to post again, and no, you won't have to post to get to keep your handle and password, only thing needed will be to sign up one last time for the new password, and that way your old handle will work for you only and nobody else.

There will be some other changes too that most will never notice, and banning a person will take on a different approach that will work better than it does today. One thing I found today, but knew anyway, I just didn't have a complete number count on this, but where there have been 92 bans put into effect since 1998 here by me, that only involved 15 posters, that's it, and all but 3 of them were banned many many years ago. Flamers and spammers were always a very small number indeed, and it appears that only about 8 flamers were the cause of 95% of all the flames ever posted. The same, sick lowlifes did all of that damage, and mainly only years ago. They are all gone now but one, who I'm still on the lookout for, and again, all you Gassers need to be on the lookout for too, in case he hits again before the new password system takes affect. I still need one more flame post from him before I can do anything to him, and I guess he realizes that and is why he hasn't hit us in well over a week now. But still be on the lookout for him anyway and write me ASAP if he should return.

I thank all of you for the kind words and support you sent me in the last week and a half after that flamer did that he did. I realize none of you wish to see Gasx3 closed down by me because of one sick person, and it won't. I won't be investing my money into solving this problem if that was the case. So keep your eyes open for the next post on this that will let all of you know when the new system is ready to go and at that time you will be able to sign up for your new password!


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