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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Found this to be a good read NSC
Date: Monday, April 17, 2017
Time: 12:02:23 PM
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RE: Found this to be a good read NSC

It makes no sense at all to keep DST year round or even just in the summer. Every study done on this shows there is nothing saved at all, and being on DST year round would be like my home State was in the Central Time zone. My state isn't in the Midwest and we shouldn't fool with mother nature, period. We have always followed the sun for the time of day and we shouldn't change that now - or ever!

That, and as a weatherman, our keeping of official weather records is totally messed up by this for all of DST, as the NWS, who I work for reporting official weather records, never is on DST, so for for most of the spring, all of the summer, and most of the fall, our record keeping is off one hour, and means I can't send in my reports for the day till 1am, instead of doing that at midnight, when it's suppose to be done. Well, it's still being done since we are still on standard time for that, but for me, it easier to remember right at midnight to send in the report than at 1am. Like last night I totally forgot and didn't get to it until after 3am.

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