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Name: Talya Peachfeather
Subject: Ooops!!
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time: 6:24:53 PM
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Jaded Faded - I'm not calling anyone small minded, and I['m certainly not saying you're mean.

n my lifetime I've encountered many people who tell me that some of my experiences are "beliefs", because they've never had those experiences. Such things as life after death, psychic phenomena, etc., are not part of everyone's lives. I believe that everyone has their own innate gifts - hey if we were all the same, life would be exceedingly boring. I took up astrology in my teens because I found the differences in people so fascinating. The downside (well it's also an upside) of all the various esoteric things I studied is that one's intuition develops - it's not a path that everyone walks, and it doesn't seem to be quite your cup of tea. Much of my leisure time in my 20s was spent at astrology meetings or meetings at the SPR (Society for Psychical Research), I needed to make sense of things I'd experienced when I was younger. I made a conscious choice not to train to be a medium, because I wanted to work with psychological levels of awareness. So, what I am saying to you, Jaded Faded, is that such things as psychic phenomena seem to be outside the realm of your experience (as with many people) and therefore you say it's a belief. It's not about being open or closed minded. You've either had such experiences or you haven't - AND plenty people who haven't, don't believe they're real.

Perhaps in future, to avoid any confusion, you could state your position more clearly - not necessarily softly, just with more clarity - so that I can respond appropriately.

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