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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: RE: RE: RE: apologies nsc
Date: Saturday, April 08, 2017
Time: 4:34:00 PM
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RE: RE: RE: apologies nsc

I love my vivid imagination, Ms. Peachfeather!, but I'd never suggest it was as vivid as yours! I've read many of your posts and thus think I've got a handle on at least a few of your own vivid beliefs :) In terms of "tapping into phenomenon" the only thing I meant was as a viewer of the show itself, because of its geographical proximity to a place I know you've spent some time, that's all. I was not suggesting you were as rich as those folks, or a bully, or living a life filled with spousal and/or friendship-induced intrigue at ALL!

And to you, pluto, regarding your comment in the jimmy hoffa thread just below here, my vivid imagination is quite healthy indeed but certainly not out of control enough to conjure the idea that there's interference of any kind going on here at gasland...but if in time it bothers you enough why don't you simply go and create your own place somehwere down the line where you can control the whine and then round up those who can amuse you and your company with more and more of the kind of salty yarns that you prefer!??

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