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Name: Keno
Subject: Sean Spicer (nsc)
Date: Saturday, April 08, 2017
Time: 12:27:01 AM
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Sean Spicer (nsc)

Who has the worst job at the White House? Well clearly it's Sean Spicer. To those of you who live outside of the U.S., you more than likely don't know who he is, but here in the States, we have to put up with this clown everyday, since he's Trunp's White House Press Secretary, aka, the daily mouthpiece for Trump.

Spicer must go on TV every single weekday and sometimes weekends too, lying to the press (and the rest of us) for Trump and tries to answer all the questions that the press asks him day in and day out. I mean, it's the worst job in the White House, well, at least in Trump's White House anyway. So because he has to deal with the press asking question after question - many that he's not allowed to answer, he makes up excuses for not being able to answer them, or he flips the questions around and answers with stuff that has nothing to do with the questions asked. Plus then he has to lie more than half the time, since well, he works for the Liar-In-Chief.

Saturday Night Live did an excellent spoof on him a few weeks ago when Melissa McCarthy portrayed him as a madman, thank goodness I found that on YouTube, since I haven't watched SNL since Mick Jagger was last on it several years ago. But with that and Alec Baldwin playing Trump in such an excellent way, I'm half thinking of watching that show again.

But getting back to Spicer, it's the way he talks back to the press at the daily news conferences, that many have noticed - since he speaks to them as if he is speaking to little children. You can tell that besides hating his job, he hates the press even more. So 2 nights ago, the Daily Show put together a sketch mocking Spicerís press management style, using actual parts from different press conferences where he spoke down to the press as if they were in kindergarten and he was the teacher. They took all of that and got a bunch of kindergartners to make it look like they were asking him the questions. Did you catch it? It's hilarious indeed!

If you missed it, well everybody needs a good laugh at least once a day, and regardless where you stand, be it to the left or to the right of things, or even if you don't know who Sean Spicer is, you should enjoy this. You can check it out here:

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