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Name: It's just a shot away
Subject: RE: RE: Top 5 songs of the rock era
Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2017
Time: 8:00:20 PM
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RE: RE: Top 5 songs of the rock era

I really don't think it's possible to name my personal top 5 rock songs because an hour later I might think differently, but let's give it a shot

1) JJF-- When I crank my Bose car system up, this ones hard to beat.

2) Brown Sugar, same comments as JJF.

3)One, by U2---- I know everybody hates U2 but this songs sound and lyrics hold a very special place in my heart.

4) Comfortably Numb ---- by Pink Floyd, also has very very special meanings in my past and got me through some extremely tough times.

5) Light my fire ---- The Doors ----Jim Morrison rocks his ass off in this great song but the best part is the electric organ solo mixed with some awesome guitar. It's long but it captivates my mind. Have loved this classic since the first time I heard it, a long long time ago.

6) My bonus track--- Ten Years Gone-- Led Zeppelin - (Physical Graffiti) One of my all time favorite double CDs. Just a beautiful, powerful, typical Page/Plant song with great lyrics. Love every song from this dandy!

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