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Name: It's just a shot away
Subject: RE: RE: Lennon or Mick?
Date: Sunday, April 02, 2017
Time: 4:30:56 PM
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RE: RE: Lennon or Mick?

I have to go with steel wls, 2nd post. He nailed exactly how I feel about both Lennon and Mick. They were both legends. And yes, no doubt, Lennon did change the world and made a huge difference in getting our troops out of that useless, stupid waste of 60,000 American soldiers that died at such a young age for nothing! Lennon saved god knows how many more troops with his wage against the most useless war America has ever been in. Fight for a mountain and lose 300 troops and fight like hell to get them out of there, for what?? Over and over for nothing. Shame, on the US government! Lennon no doubt saved thousands of innocent lives! He was just a Phenom with the Beatles, a great lyricist. Very simple for me, I also enjoyed Micks music better and their still a band going on 55 years! I also think Mick is the greatest entertainer and front man ever! I don't think he'll ever be challenged after all the concerts and his brilliant studio work our RS put out. I've seen them many times and there's just a buzz for a few days all the way up till they hit the stage. Lennon is the only one close to Mick IMO. No doubt the two greatest entertainers Ever!

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