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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: SG/B2B/B&B/ENHM/Monkees/Paul/Rock VS
Date: Monday, March 13, 2017
Time: 12:19:30 PM
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RE: RE: SG/B2B/B&B/ENHM/Monkees/Paul/Rock VS

Seems to be a slow start to the polls so far today, but the day is still young I guess... But please do vote if you haven't yet! We have had good turnouts for all of the polls for several years now, with near or record highs in some of the polls every week for about a year now, even if I don't note that in my poll posts every time.

My picks are in my replies to CCH:

Some Girls clearly over B2B. B&B over ENHM although its close of course.

I agree on SG. How can anybody pick B2B over most of their other great albums, other than maybe DW or the totally overrated SW? B2B was their only modern day poor album, whereas all of their other newer LPs were great. Yet some fans are voting for it this week, just not many.... In poll 2, ENHM is light years ahead of B&B, as B&B was barely even a Stones LP, more a album where they shopped around for a new lead guitarist to replace MT, with Keith barely playing any guitar on the album, and playing lead on only one song, the best song on there. Still not a bad LP, just not a great one, either.

No idea on The Monkees sorry. Their hits were ok, and Keno's your write up made interesting reading as I knew very little about them. Still not enough to make a fair choice though.

I'm glad you enjoy reading that. Funny, I was thinking everybody knew who the Monkees were, even outside of the U.S. I'm pretty sure their TV show wasn't on anywhere else but here in the States, yet they were also a #1 band at least in the U.K., too, from what I recall.

But whenever I run this question I see a slight drop off in total votes for the question, since once you get past the biggest classic rock groups, which we have, there's always some voters who will skip this question, since they just don't know enough of the band being featured each week, and so far we are seeing that a bit this week. Thing is, and I should have pointed this out in the poll post, but for this question, we are not voting on the most talented or the most liked member of any band when we vote on this question. Only the one who is the most underrated in the band, period... I'm pretty sure that the most liked band member isn't being looked at this week anyway, since Micky and Davy were clearly the 2 most liked when the Monkees were at their peak, and poor Davy is getting almost no votes at all at the moment in the poll. Yet Mike, who was always looked at in the group by the press as the most musically talented out of the 4, is in first place by a nice number of votes so far. So what does that mean? I mean, Peter was just as musically talented as Mike was, in fact he played more instruments overall than Mike did, while Micky was talented too in what he played. Anyway, I went with Micky for my pick, since his musical talents were never really talked about at all... As far as the group's acting went on the show, they were equals, and that's why the show was a hit, and the show was why the first LP sold so well (but not why the first 2 singles went to #1). Without Micky's singing, after the first album, that would had been it for the band as far as their album's and singles went. But outside of their third and fourth albums, we have little to go on as to what kinds of musicians they were, but out of the 3 musicians in the band, Micky may have been the third best musician, yes, but he was still underrated as a musician, more so than the other 2 were. Then again, Mike was clearly the best song writer out of the 4, but without Micky, the Monkees songs would have gone nowhere.

Desperado by The Eagles is a good song and was my pick.


How Do You Sleep was a great reply from John to Too Many People (which no doubt was unnecessary from Paul but did have a catchy music and a couple of clever lyrics).

Yeah, I guess Paul's nasty song did have some catchy lyrics to it, like the line about "too many skinny people losing weight". But overall I hate that song for what it represented and what it was about.... I haven't voted yet in this one poll. I just might go with Ringo's song, or maybe even better, George's "Wha-Wha", since it had nothing to do with the Lennon/Macca fight. Yet when George wrote that one song, I as a fan had to take Paul's side in that one. I mean Paul wrote the song that they were having an argument about, and the guitarist should play the song the way the writer wrote it (unless it's a cover song being recorded), and not the way he wants to play it, no? But again, we are looking for the best song here only, and that one sticks in my head a lot, a freat song indeed. Plus I love hearing Ringo's ditty, too.

As I noted, John's song might be the greatest put-down song ever made, and Paul deserved it 100%, but it's a very mean spirited song, too, and I prefer to hear good energy songs over negative ones, which makes voting in this poll not so easy, since all the songs are negative. Yet the Ringo song has an upbeat tempo to it music wise, so I just might go with that one in the end.

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