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Name: cool cool hand
Subject: RE: Gram's influence on the Stones,
Date: Monday, March 13, 2017
Time: 7:34:49 AM
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RE: Gram's influence on the Stones,

Thanks Jaded Faded, this made very interesting reading for me, as I have been intending to ask this very same question here for a few weeks. I've only recently got into Gram Parsons and read about his relationship with Keith and the Stones, and I too wondered whether he was responsible for their foray into country tracks around that time. I've always liked country and I find his style fascinating. He had a wonderful voice when he was on song, and on others of the few tracks we are left with, its clear that some of his addictions are having an effect on his performance but to me that doesn't detract too much and makes the songs even more haunting and real. A bit like some of the solo tracks that Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd left behind, the imperfections in the recordings give you an even deeper feeling of the vulnerabilities of the man.

It feels to me like he did impart some influence on the Stones, although I don't know whether the timings check out.

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