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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Bands you caught/ Missed
Date: Monday, March 13, 2017
Time: 3:46:06 AM
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RE: Bands you caught/ Missed

A very long time ago here, and I mean a very long time ago, like in the late '90s, I told the story of how, thanks to my dad, I had tickets to see the Beatles at Shea Stadium. But I never got to go to the show since my middle, older sister, who to this day I never forgiven for what she did, pretty much stole my ticket from me and gave it to her stupid friend, since she didn't want me going with her and my other sister to see them. What she actually did was to take advantage of me and my young age, and my love for the Stones, by giving me 2 of her Stones albums (I had no albums back then, since I always listened to my sisters records), that, plus she would take out the trash each nite for a full month (my job around the house when I was a boy). I can recall her telling me that since I liked the Stones better, that this was a great and better deal for me. Yeah right, I was just stupid enough and too little to know better and agreed to the deal. I was a preteen after all and she a teen taking full advantage of me. It's also funny that today she will claim that wasn't how the story totally went, but she is full of it, it's exactly how it went down.

Best show I ever saw that I wasn't expecting much from, it had to be seeing the original Pretenders along with Ray Davies of the Kinks playing with them, in 1979. Ray wasn't even suppose to be there that night, but he and Chrissie were a couple back then and he was there, yet not on the bill.

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