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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: A very mild
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2017
Time: 3:19:17 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: A very mild

Ill be honest your part of the nation has some pretty scenic areas keno but its damn cold there and the winters are sometimes worse than the ones in buffalo,or better if you like winter lol.

But as I have mentioned in the past in this kind of weather thread, no, it isn't as cold here as anywhere back east, not when it comes to what you feel. The high humidly that is always in the air back east (and down south, and even in the Midwest), isn't in the air here in that way, not at all. So although we are several degrees colder every night than those other places, it don't feel the same. The last time I was in the NYC area in the winter, be it about 20 years ago, I was reminded of that. 40 degrees (F) in NYC (or any other place outside of the west), feels like zero F in Colorado (and it works the same way in the summer, too, as you feel the heat a lot more back east than here, since there's no humidity in the summer here). That's one reason why we don't mind the cold and snow here like you guys do. As I also have noted, the snow here is almost always dry powder and not like the wet cement you get.... Other than this year anyway, for what ever reason, almost every snowfall this year as been like your east coast snow - wet and heavy, as it's been around 30 to 32 degrees for every snowfall this year. You need the temp to be below 20 degrees or so to get dry snow.

With that said, I guess my older age is getting to me as far as the cold goes. This is the first winter where I'm not enjoying the cold as much, maybe because it hasn't been a normal one temp and dryness wise, but I'm wearing more cloths and placing more blankets on top of me when sitting around the house than I usually do! It really has been more of a east coast winter here this year, and the forecast for the next storm is the same, heavy snow this weekend with temps right around 32F. Hell, we can't sweep away the snow on our walkways this year with a broom like we usually do, we gotta use a shovel like everywhere else in the country this year! But heck, the kids are getting to make more snowmen around here this year since the snow is so wet. Dry snow don't make good snowmen, snow-forts, or even good snowballs, Ronnie!

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