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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Almost there!... Best sung song poll + more
Date: Monday, January 09, 2017
Time: 12:45:30 PM
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RE: Almost there!... Best sung song poll + more

I always thought of the Beatles medley as one song. I assume we can't for this poll?

In a way they are one song, but then again, no, since all of them were written separately, to be a part of the medley. But of course you can look at the entire medley as one if you like, I even suggested doing that in the poll post.

does anyone know if on the CD of Abbey Road, there are track markers between the songs on the medley?

It's funny, I always play AR, along with the Stones SF, back to back, very often, and more than any of the other CDs that I have (and I got a ton of CDs). I never grow tired of those 2, never! Yet I never really noticed how it's on the CD cover, I don't think it is, not on the CD's back cover anyway, just the tracks are listed and numbered if I can recall, including also today the hidden track is listed, which on the old vinyl album wasn't listed anywhere. But, when you play the CD - yes, each song is broken up in that matter and timed in that way, separately. Even the hidden track, after "The End", you see a countdown where the timer is on your CD player, other than it shows a negative number instead, going backwards towards zero, instead of forward (at zero the track finally starts). I think I've only seen that on one other CD in the past besides AR.

My picks

Stones 1: Around and Around

Stones 2: SF, no matter now much I dig ABB!

Rock 1: How do I not pick the Stones' GS? It really is the best one, but there are several other good ones on that list, too.

Rock 2: Hard one, but I went with the Beatles song, but barely.

Beatles: AHDN, of course.

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