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Name: Keno
Subject: Legal weed in Colorado, and in Washington state!!!
Date: Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Time: 12:27:19 AM
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Legal weed in Colorado, and in Washington state!!!

Unreal, I knew the polls showed 64 passing by a nice size margin here, but I didn't believe it, but it not only passed, but by a big margin -- so -- a real big FUCK YOU! and middle finger from the people of Colorado (and Washington state, too, where they also passed legal weed tonight) to the US federal government, the DEA, and both Romney and Obama!! WE WON DAMN IT!!!

I did shed a few tears of joy tonight in thinking back about how long I personally fought the government on this issue. Back when NORML was a new organization, I was a 16 year old kid in high school, where for NORML, I lead the effort at school to get my fellow students to sign petitions for decriminalization of the drug, that and organizing some of the first pro-legalization protests in my area. I recall my dad warning me not to get involved because it could lead to trouble with the law. It did. Less than a year later I was busted by an undercover long harried pig while sitting in the backseat of my friend's car at 2 am with my girlfriend - we were busted on bogus marijuana charges, officially charged with "loitering for narcotics". But I never stopped fighting the establishment on this unjust law. Many years later I worked on getting the medical marijuana law passed here, and I also helped out on Amendment 64 this year too, which we all won tonight.

Of course, marijuana has been legal for me for several years now, but that didn't matter, we all worked together here to get this passed for everybody, not just for medical use. Some of us didn't think this amendment was worded strong enough, but we did have to start somewhere, so we supported it. So, staring in 30 days, all marijuana use for those over 21 is legal in Colorado! it's also legal for everybody to grow 6 plants each, and more marijuana stores will open up in time.

What will the feds do to us? Well, thank goodness Obama did get re-elected, I got hope that he will let us be; I know Romney wouldn't have. But I can't see the Feds taking on 2 states now, the people have spoken! Colorado law enforcement officers now will be forced to follow Colorado's state law on marijuana, they can't bust or jail adults on this anymore! This law also becomes a part of our state Constitution. In Colorado, you now have a legal right to use marijuana, regardless if you live here or are just visiting the state. Our state always was one of the top places to take a great vacation to in the US, and now we add yet another reason for tourists to come visit us!

As far as the rest of the election news, Obama's been reelected, so at least we are safe from the right for 4 more years. My home state is now solid blue, the Republicans lost most everything here tonight, including the 2 year hold they had on our State House. Be interesting to see how my town voted, last time Obama took 94% of the vote here. I got a feeling it will be a bit less this time, as the Green party is strong here too.

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