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Name: SteadyRollinWalkman
Subject: Was the Vietnam War Justified?
Date: Monday, May 03, 2010
Time: 10:35:24 PM
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Was the Vietnam War Justified?

>we must not forget about what the pigs did to a few kids on that sad day, kids who were protesting at their school against that totally insane war. A waste of so many young American lives - both on that day, and every day of the LBJ and Nixon war.

Keno, let's forget the dominoe therore for a moment. Was the Vietnam War a waste? The way our politicians played it out, yes, it was a tremendous waste. If common sense and logic ruled, the American/Vietnam War could have been easily won.

Did we have reason to intervene? I believe so. After the French defeat at Dien Ben Phu (and granted, Ho Chi Minh wanted to unite Vietnam as one and asked Truman for help against the French, but we still viewed France as allies, and supportted them), hundredes of thousands Vietnamese fled NVN after it was split at the 17th parallel. War attrocities were committed on both sides, but the Viet Cong/North Vietnamese Army committed some of the most barbaric attrocities against their own durring the Tet Offensive, where they chained people to machine gun posts.

Durring the fall of South Vietnam, hundreds of thousands fled to US because of fear of Communist control. And after NVN invaded SVN, thousands more would follow. Many ARVN (Army Republic of South Vietnam) soldiers were imprisoned for years after the war in re-education camps.

I know of one, Tse. I met him a few years back. After 10 years in a "re-education camp", and after many of his comrades died, he was able to escape. He fled to Thialand, and eventually made his way to the USA.

There were other people, the boat people, who fled Vietnam to escape the Communist Rule. They faced the unrelenting seas and pirates, but risked it all to escape communist Vietnam. They fled because they were scarred of Communist Vietnam.

Hundreds of thousands of North Vietnamese seeking refugee in South Vietnam in the 50's, Hundreds of thousands fearing Communist rule in 1975, and the Hundreds of Thousands fleeing from Communist control. They needed us, and they wanted us.

To this day, Mountagnard people (the original ancestors of Vietnam) are persecuted. In 2000, as many as 200 Mountagnards fled to Cambodia only to be assasinated by the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese view them as "moi" which translates to "savages."

Do I feel the American/Veitnam War was justified? Yes. However, it was very mishandled. The South Vietnamese needed to be protected, and it was our our obligation to preserve freedom, wherever it was threatened.

By the way, one of my middle school libraians was at Kent College durring the shoot-out. She remembers how the ROTC building was set ablaze the night before. She also remembers how the main body of protestors were not of the student body and how those protestors hurled rocks at the

National Guard. Though the outcome was not deserved, it is funny how people remember history. She remembers how outside protestors envoked the National Guard.

Remember, there is always 2 sides of one story.

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