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Name: Currie
Subject: 1 Litre Beers (ssc)
Date: Saturday, April 21, 2007
Time: 12:17:43 AM
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1 Litre Beers (ssc)

I think there's something nice about 1 litre beers, brewed by the house, going for 8.50. It allows you to get good on a budget.

Bootlegs though. Crucial. My search for bootlegs began with my obsession with the song "Midnight Rambler." I sought live versions. But the only one I found was the Ya-yas version. So I thought to myself, surely there must be other live recordings. Thus I plunged into the world of bootlegs.

Ironically my first bootleg contained no Rambler and I hated it the first time I heard it. Passaic 78'- the songs didn't even sound like they did on record! So I was ignorant to think that they were bad, and the stones were a bad live band.

Of course once I relistened to the bootleg I began to appreciate the brilliance of it and all bootlegs. Here was a band, sloppy, drunk, imperfect, and yet they sounded more alive than any record.

There are certain songs which are utterly surpassed by their live versions. Midnight Rambler, You Gotta Move, Back Of My Hand, Out of Control, Jumpin Jack Flash, WHen the Whip Comes Down, Fool To Cry... After hearing them live, hearing them on record is never quite the same.

Part of it is fanaticism. We love one band more than any other, and in order to keep this interest, we listen to bootlegs from years back and can say "Well, I thought Fort Worth 78' was a weaker show than Memphis 78 because even though Ronnie was on fire at Fort Worth, the band was better at Memphis, and the recording was too." This is the sort of extreme overanalysis bootlegs make possible. Rather than having about 25 studio albums to analyse, we have hundreds.

Fuck some night there's a groove present in certain songs. Like Tumbling Dice. There'll be a reggae groove in some of the performances, and mick jagger'll add a little reggae tinge to some of his vocals sometimes. Or maybe the guitarists'll fuck up totally, and Stu'll have to cover the rhythm guitar part in the breakdown, and then Jagger'll yell "C'mon, lets get our shit together now" (on an 81 bootleg, either philly or SF)...and if you're not into bootlegs, you're missing that.

They're for the insatiable, those who seek to overanalyse, those who want almost everything that's listenable. And why not? Who cares if you only listen to it once? In that two hour span of listening, you'll here something that you'll have never heard before, and will be unique from every other recording you've ever heard.

Going back to Rambler. Bootlegs are worth getting if only because of Rambler. I've heard dozens of versions, and could tell you which versions are good for which reasons, which have interesting little tidbits, on which one Charlie drums best, where Keith is better, where Ronnie's slide is more haunting. If I didn't listen to bootlegs, I would not experience any of that richness, any of that depth.

SO because of my search deep into bootlegs, I've fulfilled my goal of finding many different Ramblers. This might make me crazy, overzealous, or obsessed, but I cherish every second of those 15 minute Midnight Ramblers. And how else would I get them without bootlegs?

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