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Name: LoveYouLive
Subject: RE: Effort involved in moving b-stage
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Time: 8:09:16 AM
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RE: Effort involved in moving b-stage

<<but it is not exactly an effortless thing, like you said with all the roadies moving the stage>>

I would make too much out of it. The stage actually moves on it's own. The only thing that I saw anyone doing that required too much effort was pulling the cables back as the thing was return to the main stage. All of the individual techs would be out there anyway. It is just in the past they didn't walk down the catwalk. It is possible to do that now because the track is some 10 feet below the stage as it moves. However the 'backline' is always at the ready with guitars and things for the band

There is a guy laying down in a small space behind the stage. I think he might be driving the actual stage. However when he went by me in Hartford he had a laptop with the lyrics of the current song scrolling across. I don't know if this is for Mick or simply to time the motion of the stage going out.

The other thing this guy did was toss out roses into the audience so that they could then be tossed onto the stage. So it appears that that activity (roses for the band) is contrived.

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