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Name: Nothing Blues
Subject: Columbus-full report
Date: Sunday, September 25, 2005
Time: 6:31:42 PM
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Columbus-full report

My thoughts on the Char Bar, Buckeye Fans, and oh yeah, did you hear they played Sway?.............

*Checked into the Crowne Plaza early afternoon and was told the Stones crew had stayed there all week, but they checked out that morning. Downed some adrenaline beers and then headed out to explore.

*Great vibe from all kinds of transient Stones fans (even though the town itself was kinda dead. Big OSU game and apparently to them that was the only thing going on in town..."Oh there's a Stones concert tonight?")Quite the opposite of Cleveland, which make no mistake, when there's a Stones concert in that town, you fucking know it as soon as you park the car. Met some cool people.

*Checked out the Char Bar, as we did in 2003. Great old place with the original oak bar that it's had for eons. Opened the place and had the first draft of the day, as the old man tending bar politely informed me. If you're ever in Columbus, check this place out, great juke box and a downstairs restroom that, to get to, you have to go down some steps and navigate a scary old room that looks like something out of The Shining.

My thoughts on the show:

*Late start, but nice surprise with Brown Sugar as the opener;

*BOMH sounds great with Ronnie and Keith sitting on Charlie's drum riser, and then after the second verse they join Mick out front and the song turns into a full gallop;

*ONNYA and Shattered really lit up the B-stage. Played beautifully. In my opinion, this "sliding stage" gimmick is nothing but a distraction. There's like 30 people walking behind it, pulling cables and carrying equipment as they make their way out to the center of the arena. Kind of took the magic out of it for me. For fucks sake, just walk out there and slap hands with the fans.

*Virtually no interaction between Mick and Keith.

*As I posted earlier, Sway was great. Short and to the point, which was probably good for the first attempt. No lengthy jamming, which was probably a good idea, all things considered. The Columbus crowd was dead flat for it, and like the supposed "diehard" next to me asked.."Is this off the new album???"

*Miss You sounded spectacular and for once, I was glad they played it. Sounded raw and dirty, much like the version on the LSTNT movie. Captured that gritty NYC vibe.

*Blondie played quite a bit of acoustic guitar offstage and out of audience view;

*Many bitch about why they play YGMR. Well the fact is, they know it very well, Mick don't fuck up the lyrics, and Keith and Ronnie hit all the breaks and solos perfectly. It sounds great in concert, and that's probably why it remains.

*The band didn't start until 9:45 which caused me some major bladder problems, but I survived.

*late phone call to 2000 Man,right before showtime, who informed me of the Sway rumors. Damn, that guy got his shit together huh?

*Charlie kicked some serious ass tonight, as did security, to the poor fucker who jumped up onstage and was grabbing at Lisa.

*Columbus crowd was pretty apathetic. They didn't really get into it until the b-stage stuff,and then for the warhorse segment.

*I loved this FUCKING ROCKED like a Ramones show. Aside from "the Worst" there were no ballads...and that's fine with me. Don't feel the need to patronize me with the token ballads, country, or reggae tunes. Rocking out works well with me.

That's about it...I'm letting the liver dry out for three days until the Pgh show. Safe travels 2K...Rolling Rock Brewery added an extra shift this weekend when they heard you were coming to town!

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