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Name: Dano
Subject: RE: Why did I buy round trip tickets?
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Time: 6:49:26 PM
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RE: Why did I buy round trip tickets?

>>I have a love for stadium shows that others here have lost<<

I too don't mind the stadium show but Comiskey Park for the Licks Tour was not good for me. The sound sucked in the rafters that night. I didn't hear them very good that night and it was probably one of their best stadium shows that tour.

I sat on the field in 1997 for B2B and pretty close to the field in 1994 for Voodoo Lounge Tour and the sound was great. Both of those shows were at Camp Randall in Madison, WI.

The Stones are or were the only act that I'll go and see in a large stadium. They're about the only ones who can pull it off just right.

13 day's ago at the Bradley Center was probably as close as I'll get to a theater type setting. That was pretty cool too.

All I want for Christmas is a Stones show in a 1500 seat theater in my hometown, Ronnie!

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