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Name: LoveYouLive
Subject: RE: Why did I buy round trip tickets?
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Time: 5:57:40 AM
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RE: Why did I buy round trip tickets?

Payphone Al, first it was great meeting you. It was also great to meet Pdog even if it was so brief. Meeting up with some Gassers was one of the nice things about last week. Also many thanks for the kind words, I only hope I can live up to the press for anyone else I do meet this tour. Again thanks, and it was my pleasure giving you a ride... I only wish I could have spent more time tailgating and checking out the Shidoobee site.

I also have to say that you and others have allowed me to find a new respect for the stadium shows. I really loved the MSG show. It has been my only arena show so far this tour. But the stadium shows aren't lacking in any way. I was surprised to hear Buddy say he thought that the Giants stadium show was better the MSG when we were having dinner Friday. That says a lot really... he has been to a many shows and had 3rd row at the Garden with the fan club travel package. I guess my problem with stadium shows is the weather. If it works, there isn't anything better.

You guys really rocked last week Ronnie.

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