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Name: Starbuck
Subject: RE: Why did I buy round trip tickets?
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Time: 9:49:03 PM
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RE: Why did I buy round trip tickets?

"I have a love for stadium shows that others here have lost. I take the whole festival feeling in and enjoy what the Stones do so well that other bands only hope to do on a good night in a stadium."

it is interesting, isn't it? the stones are the only band i have ever seen in a stadium, and i can't imagine the need to see another band in that type of venue. no one else is that big; unless, of course, john and george find themselves resurrected with nothing else to do on a saturday night. seeing the stones at soldier was a fascinating sociological experiment - just being in that mass of humanity was something to behold. the night was wonderful, the breeze was blowing, and the beer was flowing.

cool to hear about LYL. in chicago glencar/blue from RO was my personal chauffeur. he carted me and a buddy of mine around practically all weekend, in addition to fiji joe and boomhauer. saved us all tons of cash in cab fare. what can i say? the stones bring out the best in people - especially amongst those of us who have a weird, illogical and somewhat pathological attraction to the band.

al, the summit of all summits is being planned for MSG in january. will you be in attendance?

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