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Name: Payphone Al
Subject: Why did I buy round trip tickets?
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Time: 8:07:38 PM
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Why did I buy round trip tickets?

Damn, its tough having to return to the daily grind after having such a great time in NYC. I got to catch both concerts and even was able to catch a Sox/Yankees game to add to my list of major league ballparks visited.

I can not compare the two concerts as MSG and Giants Stadium are as far apart in atmosphere as you can get. The stage at MSG was stripped down to almost a club show setup. I have not seen a arena stage for the Stones that bare of trappings in almost 30 years. Excellent venue with great sight lines from every angle I went to. My seats were towards the rear right, second tier which gave me a full on look at the band. The sound from my seat was better then I expected and I was very happy with the set list as it was my first show of the tour. No better place to catch the first show them MSG.

Giants was the full blown stage setup. Not as many bells and whistles as the last couple of tours, but very impressive all the same. Again, the sound was great from my location high in the rafters. I have a love for stadium shows that others here have lost. I take the whole festival feeling in and enjoy what the Stones do so well that other bands only hope to do on a good night in a stadium. Few acts can pull it off. I will not breakdown every song played. Others have already done that much better then I could.

Tickets for MSG were available on the street before the show, but were a harder buy then the Meadowlands. Prior to the second show, I had a lot of time to spare in the parking lot and followed the re-sale of tickets quite closely. Most were going at face value. But, I saw tickets going at half price by sellers who friends bailed out on them before the show and they were just so tired of standing around trying to get rid of the tickets. I doubt that would be the case in cities that only have arena shows.

I canít say enough about the people that I was lucky enough to hang out with on this trip. Some I have never met before and others I consider old friends. Pdog was in top form, even when I could see he was looking close at the plastic swords in my Manhattans and wondering if they would be strong enough to keep his eyelids open. The man is made of iron. I also got to meet former legends of this board and other boards who lived up to their status. Walking the streets of New York and sharing a meal with these people, despite their eating habits and manners, was one of the highlights of my trip. The tailgating at Giants stadium also was a highlight. Stonesdoug was gracious when meeting him at Walters for the first time since Denver 2/03 and his people were the envy of the parking lot the night of the Giants show. The Shidoobee tent was set up very close to the VIP tent where the limos were dropping people off to their catered oasis. I have a feeling that most of the people in there were wishing they could drop the VIP mode for a while and get real. I even saw Josh hanging with the riffraff, although I didnít realize it was him at the time. Hi Josh!!! See ya in Miami.

Finally I have to give MAJOR props to Love You Live. He has a heart of gold. When I mentioned that I still had to figure out the public transportation system to get to Giants stadium, he quickly volunteered to pick me up at my hotel in Jersey and give me door to door service to the concert and back. He did this despite the previous arrangements that he had made to transport his friends from Europe from the city to the Meadowlands and back. This action by him but a strain on his time but he didnít once let on that it was a problem. If anyone gets the chance to meet him during this tour, or hears that he is in the area, search him out. He is the kind of person that I am honored to have met and someone I would call a true friend. Thank you LYL.

For everyone yet to see a show, you wonít be disappointed. I wasnít.

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